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By Michael Major April 01, 2015 Industry News

Here we are at the end of 12 articles. It’s been quite a journey hasn’t it? And the big question is: What are you going to do with this knowledge you’ve created to establish your emotionally engaging brand?

Fundamentally, you have to work this knowledge into the very fabric of your business because it will enable you to stand out from your competitors and put your business into “flow”. Then your business will grow with ease.

Some business owners “want” change and others are “committed” to change. The difference between these two types of business owners is the latter takes responsibility to implement the changes ongoing.

With commitment, incremental changes happen that seem to have little or no tangible impact at the time, yet in hindsight, cumulatively, massive change has occurred. How do you eat an elephant? As they say, one mouthful at a time…

This is how you build your brand. This is how you build trust. This is how you turn your customers into raving loyal fans who are prepared to pay more for your product or services.

This is how you build brand equity. This is how you build value into your business beyond its physical assets and turnover. This is how, when you come to sell, you’ll have a highly attractive business that others will want to buy at a higher price than standard market evaluation.



Someone recently said to me he only had another 10 summers until he retired. He realised that, if he wanted to have the life he wanted once he retired, he’d have to build brand equity into his business. Only in this way could he create a greater sale value for his business.

Currently, the physical assets of his business plus turnover and profit have limited value – certainly not enough to keep him in the manner he’s used to when he retires.

But this business owner has time on his side to build an emotionally engaging brand for his business. Not only will he grow the brand equity of his business, the business will experience faster growth, higher margins and higher net profit than his competitors through emotional engagement selling.

Brands and emotional engagement selling is a constant evolution. After all, your customers are fickle – they’re swayed by the latest bright new shiny thing that’s on offer.



You have to constantly make sure your emotional offering is still relevant for your customers. You have to make sure you’re building brand equity through being trustworthy, so that when the next new bright shiny thing comes on to the market, your customers stay loyal.

This is no simple silver bullet exercise. It takes commitment and responsibility, never wavering from the goal you’ve set for yourself, despite whatever external circumstances are thrown at you. Your business will reap the rewards and reach its fullest potential through applying these exercises into the way you run your business.

Quite simply you have to develop a brand mind set to running your business. It’s the DNA of the business isn’t it! It’s your competitive advantage that no other business can match.

Take the learnings from these 12 articles and take action!

To help you, below is a list of each of my 12 articles with room to write in what actions you’re going to take, both internally and externally, to implement what you’ve learned to build a powerful, emotional and engaging brand.

It’s about applying what you have learned!

Taking these actions, I promise you, will put your business into flow and achieve greater and more profitable results.

Using your DNA Competitive Advantage in emotional engagement selling will make you far more competitive in the marketplace than you have been before. It will help you grow your business faster than your competitors, with higher margins and a higher net profit.

It will enable your business to reach its fullest potential. Leverage and enjoy the results!


Michael Major can help you explore and leverage your inherent competitive advantage. Follow his articles over all of the 12 issues, answer his questions and email Michael on for feedback. If you send answers for all 12 issues you can be one of four people to win a free half day consultation with Michael.


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