Pryda – changing the face of Prefabrication in New Zealand

By NZHJ December 11, 2015 Profiles of Success

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One could be forgiven for thinking that the Frame & Truss industry does today what it has done for a good 10+ years. In its infancy many of the initial practices were simply moving the traditional onsite assembly into a shed, out of the sun and away from the impact of wind and rain.

Things however are changing and Pryda is leading the industry to a higher level of automation, providing sophisticated design software and advice on automated sawing and assembly equipment to transition its customers from a traditional frame and truss business to a successful automated supplier of prefabricated building components. These changes create greater efficiency and accuracy and enable Pryda fabricators to work much more collaboratively on projects to provide a more cost effective outcome without reduction in quality.

Pryda is also providing solutions and systems to promote greater prefabrication in panelisation and modular construction and a move toward multi-storey and multi-residential structures not traditionally associated with timber. It is evident that Pryda’s strong focus on product and process innovation over the past years has seen its product and service offering evolve since its launch in Napier 51 years ago, but the vision remains.

As Jon Hill (National Sales Manager – Fabrication) tells us: “Product innovation based on deep market insights and unsurpassed quality are guidelines that form how we operate today. We call it our ‘Value Proposition’ to ensure that ‘quality’ infuses everything we do, including product development, choosing business partners and of course the exemplary service we offer. Our real value is providing solutions that genuinely save our customers time and costs.”


“Whole of House” software enables true collaboration

Progression toward panelisation and multi-storey construction is supported by Pryda in its Whole of House software design package available to prefab fabricators.

Pryda’s Engineering & Technical Marketing Manager Daniel Scheibmair says: “While traditional software designs roof trusses and details the supporting structure, Pryda’s software considers load paths and designs items such as lintels and their supporting studs based on the loads of the supported structure above. Pryda’s latest software version Pryda Build v4 (PBv4) is also based on Building Information Modelling (BIM). This can enable a transition of the architectural model into the PBv4 software, and equally passing the resulting structurally designed PBv4 model back into the designer’s architectural BIM software. true collaborative approach unlocking the full potential BIM offers.

“It is a true multi-user platform that allows roof, floor and wall detailers to work off a single master plan at the same time. Another benefit is releasing updates over time, based on market insights we develop and releasing updates incrementally thereby avoiding the ‘one big learning curve’.

“Like our products and other services, we don’t develop software for our customers, we develop software with them,” Jon Hill proudly adds.

To learn more about Pryda’s products and services and the work they’re undertaking with their fabricators, take a look at or call them on 0800 88 22 44.

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