Intelligent charging

By NZHJ September 10, 2015 New Products

All models in the Projecta Intelli-Charge battery charger range now offer an adjustable charge rate, including the smaller 7, 10 and 15 Amp versions, increasing their suitability for use by home, marine, transport and commercial customers, as well as workshop professionals. The enhancement enables them to produce a charge rate from as low as 1 Amp, delivering optimum and safe charging for all lead acid batteries, while continuing to offer 7-stage technology and multi-chemistry charging. Engineered and designed for use on all types of batteries, including gel, AGM, wet and calcium, these chargers provide an opportunity to have just one charger to meet all needs, from cars, motorbikes, trucks and contracting equipment to ride-on mowers, jet skis, boats etc. By selecting the battery chemistry type, Projecta’s Intelli-Charge range adjusts the charge to precisely match the battery, extending battery life and performance.

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