Cover up that cavity!

By NZHJ Team February 13, 2017 New Products

Over time, conventional polycarbonate sheet lapping can be prone to unsightly foreign matter building up. Regular maintenance may be sufficient to keep the surface clear of any build-up, but, unless the sheeting is removed completely, it is virtually impossible to keep the overlaps pristine. One solution is Laserlite’s Lap Connector. Specifically designed to support the sheet edge and cover the overlap of both Corrugate and Greca profiles to form a waterproof roofing structure, Laserlite Lap Connector sits under and over these joins, further preventing water ingress, unsightly mould, lichen and dirt build-up from entering the cavity between the two sheets. Simple to install, Laserlite Lap Connector is perfect for new or existing outdoor clear roofing structures.

Alsynite,, 0800 257 964

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