FanTastic to see you again!

By NZHJ February 12, 2018 New Products

Welcome back to New Zealand IXL and Tastic! Forty years since the first IXL Tastic 3-in-1 bathroom heat-vent-light product, IXL has refined and evolved the concept and created a comprehensive, contemporary range of three-in-one solutions in the Tastic Neo collection.

For a combination of heat, vent and light, there’s the premium Tastic Neo Single or Dual. Options for those looking for only a heat, vent or vent-and-light solution are also available.

The Vent Module can be positioned over a shower, or in the laundry to banish odours and water vapour effectively, and the Vent n Lite Module makes it easy to position ventilation and task lighting where it’s needed.

The Neo Heat Module offers radiant heat anywhere it’s needed or, for those on a tight budget looking for a three-in-one solution, Tastic Easy Duct Triumph is ideal for a smaller bathroom while Tastic Easy Duct Sensation is for mid to large-sized bathrooms.

Tastic Neo products come with all the parts needed for easy installation – including an in-line fan and extra ducting for reduced noise – and a five year in-home warranty.

IXL,, 0800 727 421


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