By NZHJ June 13, 2018 Industry news

Kiwi icon, the Red Band gumboot, is celebrating its 60th birthday in 2018.

Did you know that Red Band gumboots were the first short boots ever to be produced in New Zealand, if not the world?

Did you know that over 100,000 pairs of Red Band gumboots are sold annually and that if you laid them out end-to-end it would be almost 10 times taller than Mount Aoraki?

The Kiwi-fit, wide-topped, mid-calf, step-in gumboot with its recognisable red bands and toe caps celebrates 60 years in production this year.

Red Band gumboots were the brainchildren of Marathon Rubber Footwear – the forerunner to Skellerup – which had the idea to create a shorter boot back in October 1958.

In all that time, apart from the inclusion of a sponge insole for added comfort and the addition of the Red Band Junior, the gumboot hasn’t changed a bit,

Production may have now shifted to Skellerup’s new factory in Jiangsu, China, but that in no way diminishes the legacy of the gummies or the Red Band brand.

Happy birthday, Red Band!


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