By NZHJ March 20, 2018 Industry news

Just announced: Simx has been acquired by the UK's Volution Group for NZ$72 million.

Simx is an Auckland-based, privately owned New Zealand designer, manufacturer and supplier of residential ventilation products and intelligent lighting solutions.

The brands Simx handles in New Zealand include Volution's high profile Manrose and Vent-Axia brands, along with Simx's own brands including Simx Lighting and SmartVent.

In a letter to commercial partners today, Ian Borley, Simx's GM since 2009 and now Australasian Managing Director, says of the acquisition:

"While it will be business as usual, Simx staff are excited about the new opportunities that will result from this new ownership by one of the largest and most innovative ventilation companies in the UK and Europe.

"This is an exciting next step on the growth journey that Simx has been on for over 34 years.

"Simx remains committed to its relationships with existing suppliers and looks forward to discussing new growth opportunities in product and potentially in new markets for our mutual benefit."

Volution Group is a listed UK-based company which operates through two divisions, one of which is the Ventilation Group, which primarily supplies ventilation products for residential and commercial construction applications in the UK, the Nordics, Central Europe and Australasia.

Simx is now part of Volution's Ventilation Group.

Read the full statement on the Simx acquisition here.

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