By Steve Bohling March 26, 2020 Industry news

For the April edition, we're going "digital first"! The print version will continue but we feel the current climate requires a different approach to ensure we fulfill our obligations to readers and commercial partners...

Exactly a week ago, given the rapidly developing circumstances around this global pandemic, I felt moved to put a more personal pen to the proverbial paper (actually keyboard) for the first time online.

Exactly a week later, I find myself at home, in lockdown, like most of the rest of the country.

However, despite the seismic proportions of this interruption, like many Kiwis and others around the world, my colleagues and I are working hard to bring you the latest news concerning our chosen industry.

As many of you will already have figured, given our continued contact with you (not to mention our recent updates online here and on Facebook), we're also continuing to work towards getting April's NZ Hardware Journal to our 2,500-odd readers, in good time and to our normal high standards.

Ah but, you ask: "Steve, given the current circumstances, who's going to be in the office to read the bloody thing?"

Good question - which is why, next month, we'll be publishing our Digital Edition first.

But fret not, old school readers, April's print edition will be following soon after - it'll be on your desk when you return to the office, same as it ever was.

To make sure everyone knows, I'll be announcing the availability of our April Digital Edition in our regular Hard News e-newsletter (click here to view a recent Hard News).

So, if you haven't already done so (we have 1,700 subscribers to date), do sign up for it, it's free and I promise we won't hawk your email address to anyone!

In the meantime, please stay in touch with us - and each other - and above all, in these uncertain times, treat your family, workmates, employees (and employers!), contractors and suppliers with generosity and humanity...

Steve Bohling, Group Editor, NZ Hardware Journal (

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