By NAHJ November 23, 2017 Building Materials

Data for September 2017 from CreditWorks Data Solutions confirms last month’s forecast that debt levels would stabilise and DSOs improve.

September stable for debt

CreditWorks’ Alan Johnston says: “As expected, total debt levels on the CRISworks database remained quite stable for September (see above).

“While still considerably higher than this time last year, debt is still on a par with May figures, despite some undulation throughout the winter months.”

And the debt outlook?

“With daylight saving and dryer weather (?) to come, we can expect incremental increases over the next couple of months in this area, before tailing off in December.”

Better DSOs, less activity

As per last month’s comments, lower monthly activity and associated spending helped improve DSO figures recorded on the CRISworks database (see below).

Alan Johnston confirms: “We see improvement in all areas of the building sector, with a reduction in debt aging all round.

“Expectations are for the status quo to continue over the next few months, at least until December when debt recovery starts to become a bit tougher.”

(Look out for October's debt & DSO picture to be posted in the coming week.)

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