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More and less choice from Allegion

With the modern looking square rose cap available on the entire Schlage 7000 Series range (photo above), the Schlage 9000 Series has been discontinued. The square rose caps can be purchased as an optional accessory, with caps available for both passage and privacy. The Schlage 7000 series is a range of solid stainless steel, European-inspired door hardware with a range of modern lever designs suitable for any interior design look.

Also new from Allegion is the Brio Open Bar Rail Timber 80 in antique bronze. Already popular in stainless steel and black finishes, the new antique bronze with its rich brown hues and golden undertones gives a warm and welcoming appearance and suits perfectly those wanting a Victorian-era or handmade feel.

Allegion,, 09 829 0550

Fast and easy waterproof fix

FASTFIX Wet Shield is an emergency instant waterproofing roof protection that can be applied in the rain. Offering excellent adhesion and durability , its reinforcing fibres interlace to cover up and bridge small gaps and cracks.

FASTFIX Wet Shield is principally used as a temporary roofing and gutter repair compound with a longer life than bituminous coatings and comes ready to use. Only one coat is needed and no primer is necessary. It is also easily applied using a brush, roller or squeegee.

Tollesbury Enterprises,, 09 421 0190

Friendly surface protection

ZOONO’s ZAM Mould & Surface Cleaner and ZOONO Mould Guard have been designed in combination to remove mould and protect surfaces for up to six months with a single application.

Safe for children and animals, these water-based products are non-toxic, don’t smell of strong chemicals and protect from mould-related health risks by effectively treating affected surfaces.

ZOONO’s is a globally proven and successful product range, manufactured in NZ.

ZOONO,, 09 600 1188

A faster, more efficient screwdriver

Wiha’s first e-screwdriver, speedE, has an electric motor that assists with fastening screws up to 0.4 Nm before disengaging to ensure that material is protected. The screw can then be fixed by hand, like a conventional screwdriver, aided by an electric ratchet function.

Wiha’s speedEhelps users get things done at least twice as fast as with a conventional screwdriver, but is still comparable with normal screwdrivers in terms of size and weight.

You can use all the drives in the Wiha slimBit range with speedE, including Wiha’s VDE slimBits which are tested to 10,000 V AC, having been individually tested for up to 1,000V AC.

When fully charged, speedEcan fasten electrically up to 800 times and uses standard rechargeable batteries located inside the handle.

Premium Tools NZ,, 09 444 2560

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