By NZHJ August 13, 2018 Great Outdoors

After due consideration, Mitre 10 decides to phase out pesticides containing neonicotinoids.

Bunnings having announced in January that it would be pulling products containing neonicotinoids by the end of this year, Mitre 10 New Zealand today announced that it too will start phasing out products containing neonicotinoids from 1 November.

The co-op's decision follows an in-depth review of pesticides containing neonicotinoids believed to contribute to bee decline (imidacloprid, thiacloprid and clothianidin).

Mitre 10 CEO, Neil Cowie, says: “We recognise there is growing concern around neonicotinoid use and have decided to remove products containing neonicotinoids from our shelves. 

“This is not something we have decided lightly. We understand how valuable bees are to the environment and are now assured there are alternative products available that meet gardeners' needs yet do not pose the same risk to bees."

Mitre 10 already stocks a range of organic pest control products and is working with supplier partners to introduce further options before the end of the year.

Elsewhere in the world, the European Commision voted in April this year to ban the three above-named neonicotinoid agents while the USA has just done the opposite and has rolled back a ban placed during the previous Presidency.

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