Hitachi launches NZ-specific gasless nailers

By NZHJ February 07, 2018 Hand & Power Tools

After 10 years of development, including prototype evaluation on NZ construction sites, Hitachi’s new four-model 18V Air Drive Gasless Nailer range is being launched here this month.

Using Hitachi’s existing 18V Lithium-ion battery platform, the nailers use Hitachi’s unique and powerful Air Drive system to drive nails fast, effortlessly and consistently, but without combustion noise, gas fumes or the need for regular internal cleaning or servicing.

Not having to use disposable gas cylinders also means running costs are significantly reduced.

The Air Drive system uses compressed air sealed inside to drive nails and is “ready to fire” when powered on, meaning zero ramp-up time. As the nailer is fired, the compressed air drives the piston down, driving the nail but retaining the air inside the tool. At this point the ultra-fast Hitachi brushless motor kicks in, returning the piston to the firing position and recompressing the air ready for the next nail to be driven.

The range comprises a 90mm Framing Nailer, and 15, 16, and 18 Gauge Finishing Nailers, running standard nails, so operators can source their nails from a wide range of manufacturers and benefit from considerable cost savings.

All are available in either kit form with 18V batteries and charger or as bare tools, allowing users to add to their existing Hitachi cordless tool kit thanks to the full compatibility provided by Hitachi’s 18V Lithium-ion battery platform.

Given New Zealand’s unique Health & Safety guidelines around the use of nailers on construction sites – i.e. the “Bump Fire” operation commonly available overseas is prohibited – Hitachi has developed a model specific to this market which complies fully with NZ rules and operate as “Sequential Fire” only.

Hitachi’s Gasless Nailer campaign starts in February, with a three-month dealer promo including special launch pricing, a bonus offer-by-redemption for end users and a comprehensive media campaign to introduce this innovative new technology to tradespeople nationwide.

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