By NZHJ October 01, 2018 Hand & Power Tools

Today, Hitachi Power Tools became HiKOKI, with a promise that the new brand will "change the way the world uses power tools".

Andrew Way, Managing Director of New Zealand HiKOKI Distributor, Accent Tools, says: “No longer will tradespeople be restricted by power cords or conventional battery platforms in attempting to undertake the heaviest of tasks, HiKOKI will change the power tool landscape forever.”

“Backed by over 70 years of precision Japanese power tool design and innovation history as Hitachi, HiKOKI is the new brand firmly focussed on the future. As a new brand with such a strong heritage, HiKOKI is poised to deliver exciting disruption and change like never before. Huge technological advances mean new power tools with previously unseen levels of high performance and reliability.

"Yes Hitachi’s got a new name as part of their re-branding, but they're not losing lose their heritage.

"They’re still the same Japanese company that's been producing class-leading Hitachi Power Tools for over 70 years.

"Still Headquartered in Tokyo, and with the same locally owned NZ distributor, committed to working with trade partners to provide the highest level of service & support to New Zealand tradespeople."

HiKOKI power tools arrive in stores from today!

Check out the official video below:

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