By NZHJ February 25, 2019 Insulation

New regulations setting minimum requirements for the heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage of rental properties will start to kick in from mid-2021.

New healthy homes standards designed to make rental properties warmer and drier were announced at the weekend by Housing & Urban Development Minister, Phil Twyford.

On top of insulation and ventilation, the new standards set minimum requirements for heating, moisture and drainage and draught stopping in rental properties.

All rental homes will be required to have a heater that can heat the main living area to 18°C.

Rental homes must have ceiling and underfloor insulation that either meets the 2008 Building Code insulation standard or if there's existing ceiling insulation it must be of a minimum 120mm thickness.

Draughts that make a rental home harder to heat will also have to be blocked.

Rentals' kitchens and bathrooms will also have to have extractor fans or rangehoods. 

And rentals with an enclosed subfloor space will need a ground moisture barrier to stop moisture rising into the home.

The new standards also reinforce existing law that says landlords must have adequate drainage and guttering to prevent water entering the home.

The new regulations should become law by the middle of this year.

In terms of compliance, all rental homes must comply with the new standards from 1 July 2024.

However, from 1 July 2021, if it's a new tenancy, rental properties must comply within 90 days.

From this date, all boarding houses must also comply with the new standards.

Housing New Zealand and registered Community Housing Providers houses do not have to comply with the healthy home standards until 1 July 2023.


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