By NZHJ July 15, 2019 Lawn & Garden

Just announced: Kiwicare is buying AHM Outdoor Holdings (AHM)...

New Zealand-owned Kiwicare has just formally announced the purchase of AHM Outdoor Holdings Limited (AHM), importer and distributor of outdoor lifestyle, gardening and hardware brands, including Atlas Trade, McGregor’s, Campmaster and Suzy.

Kiwicare Chief Executive, Matthew O’Brien, says of the deal: “The purchase of AHM will strengthen and bring together two companies with shared values and products that are naturally aligned and will complement each other in the marketplace.”

Kiwicare and AHM will come together to operate as separate legal entities within the Kiwicare Group of companies and AHM staff have all been offered the opportunity to join Kiwicare as employees under substantially similar employment terms and conditions. 

“This agreement will be good news for all of our staff and customers,” says Matthew O’Brien.

“It gives us a wider and more secure capital base from which to trade and, for our staff, we anticipate that there will be expanded opportunities for skills development and progression through the larger group.”

“Nothing will change in regard to AHM’s suppliers and customers,” he adds.

“In many cases Kiwicare and AHM have customers in common, so we will already have a relationship with them.

"In cases of customers and suppliers unique to AHM, we will work very closely with them to maintain and enhance that contact.”

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