Kiwi all-wheel drive e-bike now street legal

By NZHJ February 08, 2018 New Products

The Kiwi-designed and built Ubco 2×2 electric two wheel drive bike that we’ve featured in the past can now be ridden on the road, so long as you have at least a learner’s driver license, thanks to compliance with NZ Vehicle Class L1/LA (moped).

The latest version of the Ubco 2×2 has brake lights, indicators, a motor cut off switch and steering lock, along with a super bright high and low beam headlight.A new LCD display shows speed, distance, power output, battery level and the time.

Power is from a bigger 52.2Ah (48Ah rated) Lithium-ion battery while improved design and uprated components mean higher efficiency for longer. There’s even regenerative braking which activates when either the throttle is released or the brake levers are activated. And there’s an app to monitor all of the above.

Ubco,, 0800 822 6292

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