By NZHJ June 13, 2019 New Products

Tough on the outside, and on the inside…

Carbine’s latest product release is named after a very tough animal – the Armadillo – the only animal to have an all-enveloping suit of protective armour!

A high security all-in-one cylinder and hasp lock alternative to a conventional hasp staple-and-padlock set-up, with its very tough hardened steel outer Armadillo comprises a range of maximum security hasp locks and components designed to suit a wide range of commercial applications including securing gates, containers, trailers, shop fronts, electrical cabinets etc.

Armadillo has been structurally innovated to withstand up to two tonnes of force with a highly drill-resistant, hardened steel lock body and comes in multiple product options designed to suit various lengths and angle mounts.

Baber Lock & Key, www.baberlocknkey.co.nz, 09 368 4802

A really hot product!

The latest addition to the Hot Devil arsenal of quality gas torches and soldering irons is the 10-Piece Professional Blow Torch & Soldering Iron Kit (#HD1960K).

This multi-functional torch, with a burn temperature of approximately 1,300°C and adjustable flame, can handle even the most difficult of jobs.

The kit includes one Hot Devil Professional Blow Torch/Soldering Iron, Solder Head attachment, Brass Solder Tips for faster heat transfer, Heat Shrink Scoop, Foam Cutting & Hot Knife Tip, Rosin Core Solder, Cleaning Sponge with Tray and Stand, all in a sturdy carry case.

The kit is ideal for electrical, auto repair, paint removal, plastic welding and so much more! If you are working in a confined space, or need to finish the job quickly, then this kit has you covered!

Eproducts, www.eproducts.co.nz, 09 916 6570

Berger: a gardener’s dream

Acme Supplies is now offering Berger’s ArboRapid click system for telescopic poles that allows for the tool-free changing of attachments.

The telescopic poles have a collapsed length of only 1.75m and are made from corrosion-resistant aluminium.

Attachments include the 5430 Pole Pruner with a three- level ratchet and Teflon coating for precise and accurate cuts and a cutting diameter of up to 50mm, the 5485 Felling hook and the Rocket Master 5490 catapult unit.

Celebrating its centenary this year, Berger is a German brand that specialises in pruning and gardening tools, almost all of which are manufactured in its own operation in Wuppertal.

The Berger range includes hand shears, lopping shears, grass and hedge trimmers, saws, knives and telescopic tree tools for professionals.

Acme Supplies, www.acme.co.nz, 0800 226 369

Smart extraction

The new DVS X-tream Plus Bathroom Extractor has been designed to meet the new Healthy Homes Standards.

From 1 July 2021, private landlords must ensure their rental properties include an appropriately-sized extractor fan in their bathroom within 90 days of any new tenancy.

To help, DVS has designed a smart, high-performing fan system which ventilates both small and large bathrooms, preventing mould and moisture from spreading through the home.

The new DVS X-Stream Plus Bathroom Extractor includes an Intelli-switch automatic timer which allows the user to control how long they want it to run after they have left the room.

DVS, https://dvs.co.nz/, 0800 387 387

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