By NZHJ April 10, 2020 New Products

The ultimate disc changing system for angle grinders?

A new disc changing system allows users to switch angle grinder accessories with just one click, Swiss company sia Abrasives’ X-LOCK is a convenient, toolless system with no loose parts and no force required.

With X-LOCK, changing now takes just five seconds – position the disc in the X-LOCK interface, click it on and you’re done. If a disc has to be changed, it is simply unlocked and removed with a lever – seized-up nuts are now a thing of the past.

And, since a clamping nut is no longer required, users can grind conveniently at a flat angle so potential damage to surfaces caused by the clamping nut is a thing of the past.

X-LOCK also determines the mounting direction of the accessories and ensures that directional discs such as cutting or grinding discs are always correctly mounted.

The sia X-LOCK range for metalworking includes a wide range of cutting, grinding, fibre and flap discs, as well as fibre and SCM backing pads.

sia Abrasives, www.siaabrasives.com/nz/en/home/, 00 613 9780 8400


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Exclusive product for roofs old and new

As well as recently gaining Global Green Tag certification when using Colorcote Coil and currently going through Environmental Choice Certification for Colorsteel products, Roofing Industries has just launched its new, exclusive True Oak Deep commercial and residential corrugated profile.

Arising from the respected True Oak range of roofing and cladding products, True Oak Deep with its 40.3mm Rib height and 152mm pitch, will be viewed as a replacement for the “fibre cement” and asbestos products of yesteryear as well as providing design inspiration for new builds.

An extremely difficult product to roll-form, requiring the very latest in advanced manufacturing technology to bring the product to reality, True Oak Deep is manufactured in any length and is supplied from a wide selection of unpainted substrates or pre-painted Colorcote, Colorsteel and pre-painted aluminium coatings. Translucent roof lighting is also available to match.

A forerunner to True Oak Deep, True Oak Corrugate has already been readily adopted by specifiers throughout the country thanks to the benefits of lower pitch, versatility, spanning, physical strength and finally aesthetics and it is expected True Oak Deep will be equally as popular.

Roofing Industries, www.roof.co.nz, 09 414 4585

Pro Series commercial switches & sockets

The commercial switch and socket range, PDL Pro Series by Schneider Electric, offers the commercial sector an easy and safe way to upgrade switches and sockets with a new look and functionality.

The first range of hard-wearing IK08 impact rated switches and sockets designed specifically for the commercial building market, based on market feedback. With the evolving needs of schools and offices, the combination of having skins which can only be removed safely using special notches on the skins and a screwdriver as well as multiple USB charging solutions provides the perfect combination of safety and practicality.

Available in black or white, the range is designed with fresh, clean lines and bevelled edges to deflect impacts and avoid attracting dirt. The innovative design also features a clear and protected circuit ID window ensuring circuit identifiers cannot be damaged, wiped off or made unreadable. The labels adhere to panels designed into the grids so, even if skins are inadvertently swapped, the labels will always display the correct circuit ID.

PDL by Schneider Electric, www.pdl.co.nz, 0800 652 999

How to garden when you’re indoors…

Tui Products has a timely new indoor plant product range. Tui Enrich Pour & Feed fertiliser promotes healthy green plant growth for Ferns, Ficus (including Fiddle Leaf Fig), Devil’s Ivy, Dracaena, Peace Lilies, Palms and Peperomia.

Developed with high potassium and low nitrogen, Tui Enrich Pour & Feed Cacti & Succulent fertiliser encourages optimum flowering and healthy plant growth, while strengthening against insect pests and diseases.

Developed for bromeliads and orchid varieties, Tui Enrich Pour & Feed Orchid & Bromeliad fertiliser contains vital nutrients to promote optimum flowering and healthy green plant growth.

Containing a starter fertiliser and SaturAid wetting agent to spread water evenly to the root zone and encourage rapid root development, versatile Tui Indoor Plant Mix also offers a blend of nutrients to provide plants with sustained growth with a six month controlled release fertiliser.

Crafted from Natural Pyrethrum to stop unwanted insects and diseases from ruining potted plants, Tui Indoor Plant Insect Spray kills common indoor plant insects such as aphids, whitefly and thrips.

Tui Products, https://tuigarden.co.nz/, 07 575 2160



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