By Jess Brunette November 27, 2018 Painting & Decorating

An update on the paint & decorating category, the health of the market and key concerns looking ahead to 2019.

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Checking in first with Award Concepts, Sales Manager Darryl Patterson is very happy to report that sales of his DIY products are up a respectable 25% on last year.

Plus he’s just seen his trade products come in just ahead of last year’s numbers but stresses that this result hasn’t been easy in the current market.

Hans Unger of temporary floor protection product SupaBord is also pleased to have increased both sales and market share in the past year and feels that the domestic market is “quite strong” but that competition has been increasing more and more.

Unger suggests that, unlike markets like Australia, New Zealand has a higher proportion of renovation projects to new builds with more need to protect existing surfaces, which creates keen interest for products like Supabord on our shores.

“We attended the German Eisenwarenmesse, the International Hardware Fair in Cologne this year and we met with more New Zealand buyers than any other country,” underlines Hans Unger.



Another key supplier in the paint category who preferred to remain unnamed also reports that sales have been up on the previous year but added that things weren’t all plain sailing.

Chief bugbears for this supplier (and judging by reports around the channel, almost everyone) include manufacturing delays and slow international freight that have contributed to significant lead times.

A weak Kiwi dollar has also made business challenging for those in the import game.

Back to Darryl Patterson from Award Concepts who confirms that a rising US Dollar has increased prices for many of his key products and is concerned that this could dampen further growth looking ahead.

“DIY is still a growing category but we need some good price points to keep that momentum going,” he says.

“Adding to this, trade sales have also slowed down recently with some major projects being put on hold.”

Also giving his thoughts on the future, SupaBord’s Hans Unger gives the perspective of a relative newcomer to the industry.

“Going forward we expect the larger, more recognised brands to continue to dominate the market.

“And I think that any newer players are more likely to struggle as it really is very difficult to get a foothold in this market,” he says.
So a busy, but tough, market as we head into 2019.


Good news for painters

New from Haydn is the Trade Blazer range of economical paint brushes. Designed with the trade painter in mind and with a variety of sizes and types to suit every application, these brushes have solid, round tapered synthetic filament with fine tips to allow better paint pickup, better coverage, a smooth finish, wear resistance and easy cleaning. Features a durable stainless steel ferrule and unpainted timber handle and can be used with all paint types. Another release from Haydn is the Stinger range. These ergonomic brushes bring exceptional value to the budget conscious weekend renovator and feature a stainless steel ferrule and soft rubberised painted handle for easy grip and low fatigue. Available in a wide variety of sizes and applications.


“Generation rent” would like to decorate please

A recent study conducted in the UK by British wallpaper brand Graham & Brown has found that 20% of UK renters would happily pay an average amount of NZ$140 extra per month to be able to decorate their rented property to their own tastes.

Other takeaways from the study showed that 20% of renters are not allowed to decorate at all, and that 43% would stay longer in a property if they could decorate it themselves and would also be more invested in taking care of the property.

Some 30% of respondents also revealed that they would happily pay for the renovations out of their own pocket if allowed to make changes.

Perhaps a similar study could happen here?

More than just white

A big seller for Dunlop recently with major retailers is its ULTRA WHITE ready-to-go flexible coloured grout.

Reportedly flying off the shelves, this super-easy to apply ultra-white grout comes in a handy squeezable bottle with a new and improved dispensation formula.

Dunlop has also launched a new surface sealer called DUNLOP Enhancing Sealer. This high quality “wet look” sealer is durable and non-yellowing to enhance a variety of indoor & outdoor surfaces.

Rust begone!

New from the team at Protective Paints is Corrodex Rust Inhibiting Oil, designed to penetrate and remove moisture from rusted iron or steel surfaces and provide protection from further corrosion.

This oil has been developed for use on surfaces with tightly adhering rust that is impractical to remove and is ideal for use over red rust on galvanised roofs.

It can be left uncoated or primed with Corrodex Rust Inhibiting Primer and over coated with Corrodex Gloss Enamel Top Coat all available from protective Paints. Corrodex Rust Inhibiting Oil is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L and a 300ml Aerosol Can.


New improved Tradesman’s Filler

Tradesman’s Filler is a ready-mixed filler for gaps and cracks in timber, concrete, plaster and stone.

For interior and exterior use, it now spreads easier with excellent grab and moisture resistance.

Tradesman’s Filler offers nearly zero shrinkage so that it can be nailed or screwed without cracking and is now available in a pine colour with an improved scent.

This improved favourite is now available in 700mL and 350mL tubs and comes with a free applicator.



For a new vintage look

New from Rust-Oleum, Chalked Ultra Matt paint is an easy-to-use paint that dries to a velvety smooth matt finish.

Chalked paint brings new life to tired and worn pieces in timeless colours and can be distressed to achieve a durable vintage look and can be used with bicycles, wagons, metal, glass, wood and more.

Available in 12 oz spray, 887 ml tin, tint base, protective topcoat and decorative glaze.


Shimmer this Summer?

Pantone has just released a new series of colours named Metallic Shimmers which takes influence from many of the colours used in the latest electronic devices (particularly smartphones).

The range of 200 colours includes traditional golds and silvers, but also some very vivid and in-your-face blues and purples. The collection is intended as a reference point for current product developers.

In the more familiar interior space, Pantone has also released its spring/summer colour trend report in time for London Fashion Week with 12 standout colours and four classic neutrals in a collection that Pantone describes as “dynamic and vibrant without being overpowering”.

Dulux Filter collection

Closer to home, Dulux has also released its own colour forecast for 2019.

Like Pantone, the Filter collection is inspired partly by the influence of technology in our lives.

In this case, however, colour is seen as a retreat from the increasing encroachment of connected devices and the toll this can take on our mental state.

As described on the Dulux website: “With our smart devices fired up and technology working at full capacity, it can be hard to find a break between all the updates, reminders and invitations. Filter is inspired by the way we edit and curate the world around us every single day.”

The Filter forecast is built around four themes: Repair, Wholeself, Legacy and Identity.

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