By Jess Brunette September 19, 2018 Painting & Decorating

New products, recent awards and what’s happening around the paint and decorating category.

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I spoke first to Henkel Key Account Manager, Graeme York, who reports that the company is extremely busy launching new glue products onto the market.

On the consumer side of the market, the Loctite brand has continued to do well with good growth through retailers Mitre 10, Bunnings and PlaceMakers.

Graeme York has seen the majority of this growth come from the DIY sector with the Loctite brand doing well with its professional superglues, five minute epoxies and its latest Re-New silicone repair products also getting good recognition in the market (see page 31).



Over the aisle at Rustoleum, the DIY market has also been very kind to National Account Manager Anthony McGill.

He reports that the new Painter’s Touch range has been doing particularly well and he puts this down to a mix of good performance and a very DIY-friendly rebrand that he feels has helped to soften the image of spray cans in the mind of consumers away from its connection to industrial applications or graffiti.

“From the pictures and fonts on the labelling to the expanded range of on trend colours, the Painter’s Touch cans look safe for consumers and they are getting their head around this being a really convenient and easy way to refurnish their desk.

“And the Painter’s Touch consumer is that DIYer looking to upcycle a cherished item or make their household items look a bit cooler.”



The branding of the Rustoleum Painter’s Touch range has also fitted straight into the aesthetic seen in home decorating and refurbishment projects that prove popular on social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

“Our marketing team tells me that in New Zealand Rustoleum has a higher percentage per head of population engaging with our social media content than other countries like Australia. So Kiwis are really getting on board with our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and social media content,” says Anthony McGill.

While things do seem to be going well for Rustoleum’s business, McGill does have issues with current exchange rates.

“All of the Rustoleum products we have are manufactured in the United States and imported from Chicago.

“I purchase in US Dollars, so every time the exchange rate moves it has an impact and it’s not doing great at the moment.”



NZ Master Painters Association’s National Membership & Workmanship Manager, Phil Wilkinson, was happy to pass on some insights into what his members have been up to in the last 12 months, with many reporting full books and more work than they can handle.

Residential construction has of course been robust across the country for some time and this has had a positive flow-through for painters and other sub-trades as well.

Commercial projects however have had some well publicised failures.

Phil Wilkinson says that while some of his members have indeed been caught out – with the Ebert Construction failure a recent example – his members tend to play that information close to their chests.

“I know some of the members I’ve spoken to you are being much tighter chasing up their money, having two weekly invoicing and things like that. So we are seeing a bit of that with some of these bigger companies,” he says.



Without laying responsibility on the sub-trades, is there anything that painters can do to perhaps prepare for, or avoid, being caught out with something like this in future?

Phil Wilkinson admits that contractor failures are difficult to avoid from a sub-trade perspective and that things like this have been happening for years.

The Construction Contracts Act of 2002 certainly improved matters for many of his members and the last 12 months has also seen things improve for subbies, thanks to efforts by the Sub-Contractors Federation, among others, resulting in the Construction Contracts Amendment Act 2015 being passed in March last year.

“That was a great result because often it’s that retention money that doesn’t get released for 12 months that is actually being lost when these companies go under,” explains Phil Wilkinson.

“So we really wanted to make sure that that money, which doesn’t actually belong to the developer, should be held in trust.”

He goes on to explain that this initiative has been well overdue with many historic cases of developers and building companies holding around 10% of a sub-contractor’s money in the event that something goes wrong.

“These companies seem to think it’s fair to hold the subbies’ money but, when they go under, the Government says that’s part of the commercial risk that you took.

“And sadly too many of these building companies have been using retention money from the last project to help fund the next one,” he says.

And how about further up the pipeline? Even with good contracts in place, a subbie will still be losing out if big commercial projects go under as seen with Fletcher Building and Ebert Construction.

Fortunately it does seem that a corner has been turned in terms of responsibility and allocation of risk within this area as you can read about in our Hard News section on page 10.



Phil Wilkinson’s chief concern however, one which is widely shared by the rest of the channel, is the lack of qualified staff.

Progress has been made in this area with the micro-credentials initiative gaining more steam and getting more standalone skills (like painting) recognised.

Even so, the number of people the micro-credential scheme will potentially add to the pile is just a drop in the bucket with the average age of qualified painters reported to be in the late 40s.

How about the Kiwibuild scheme then? Could it give the industry its much needed boost?

Phil Wilkinson admits that, while it hasn’t been widely discussed around his Association, he feels that the potential for a steady pipeline of work can only be a good thing for his members and the next generation of painters

“If they’re going to build X number of houses every year then that gives our guys a good opportunity to say ‘well if I can get involved in that there is consistency of work which means I might be able to take on an apprentice’.”

At time of writing Stephen Barclay, head of the KiwiBuild scheme, reported to independent news site Newsroom that “there are hundreds of houses under construction now” and that the project was on track to hit its target of a thousand homes for the first year.

We will of course keep you posted. 


Resene Total Colour Awards 2018

Gerald Parsonson of Parsonson Architects has taken home the Interior and Exterior Awards at the 2018 Resene Total Colour Awards held on August 29.

Parsonson’s Te Horo Bach project on the Kapiti Coast used the surrounding beach and dune landscape as inspiration with Resene Crisp Green, Resene Canvas and Resene Tussock used inside and out. The architect worked within quite limited subdivision rules by applying some colours to the sides of the external battens so they aren’t seen when viewed straight on.

Gerald Parsonson also received a life-time achievement on the night.

Another highlight was the Freemans Bay School project designed by architect Moshin Mussa for RTA Studio which took home the Nightingale Award & Education Primary Category Award.

Other winners included:

  • Resene Total Colour Landscape Award – Kea Enclosure, Wellington Zoo, by Isthmus Group.
  • Resene Total Colour Landscape Colour Maestro Award – Sandringham Reserve Community-Led Design, in partnership with
    Katy Wallace and SPiCE, by Dave Little and Claire Liesching of Auckland Council.
  • Resene Total Colour Neutrals Award – Herd Street Office by Charlotte Minty of Charlotte Minty Interior Design and Amelia Minty of Minty Architecture and Design.


Paint masking made easy

3M’s new Hand-Masker Advanced Masking Film is its most flake-resistant film for multi-coat paint applications and is ideal for use with the M3000 Dispenser for fast paint masking. Excellent for dust and overspray containment, Hand-Masker Advanced Masking Film is easy to unfold and use to mask baseboards and trim both indoors and out. Features a hassle-free fold to prevent film from getting caught in tape and a static cling feature to keep film in place in wind or when using spray equipment. Available in 24”, 48”, 72” and 99” sizes.



Master Painters look to TV

The Masters Painters Association now has an app. Available on the App Store for iOS, the Master Painters app is described as a portal “for everyone to view the Master Painters fact sheets, code of practice and MPA guarantee.”

Registered members of the Master Painters Association will also have access to the latest E-news, recent copies of New Zealand Painter & Decorator magazine, products and deals and health and safety documents.

The app also allows users to view and register for regional event and courses and functions as a CSC Discount Card.

All content on the app is live and managed by the New Zealand Master Painters Association. The free app is Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Master Painters is also happy to announce that it is supporting the renovation TV show named The 100 day Renovation through a workmanship contribution.

A follow-up to the popular 100 Day Bach series, a group of the Association’s Auckland members will be providing the labour force on the show.

The MPA will also be promoting apprenticeships within the project with help from the BCITO.

The programme will be shown on Prime over an eight-week period starting in September.



Hold it right there!

New to Selleys is Liquid Nails Instant Hold. This high performance polymer construction adhesive delivers an instant hold on any building material, even vertical surfaces, eliminating the need for clamping while it cures. It is heat, UV- and water-resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, is adjustable for the first 15 minutes, paintable after 24 hours with water-based paints and has a cure time of 48 hours. Not suitable for permanent water immersion.


Rok and Roll

Rokset has rebranded and updated its Pro-270mm Roller Bucket (2400). This very handy roller bucket holds a generous 4 litres of paint at a time and has two easy-pour spots for added convenience. Made from a durable chemical resistant polypropylene, the Pro-270mm Roller Bucket features a locking handle mechanism that makes this bucket highly stable and easy to move without spillage.


Mould begone!

For bathroom sealants that are mouldy yellowish or cracked Loctite RE-NEW is an ideal solution. A key selling point is that RE-NEW can be applied over the top of existing sealant jobs, saving time and effort while maintaining a good finish. This mould-resistant silicone product covers discolorations and cracks, is easily applied with its integrated smoothing tool and ready to use in just six hours.


Airless whisper

Award Concepts’ latest addition to its stable of products is the Wagner HEA Control Pro 350 Airless Paint Sprayer. High Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology allows users to spray directly from the can with a high level of control and performance under reduced system pressure for a more controllable spray, with up to 55% less overspray. A slightly feathered edge also allows for a better finish when overlapping spray patterns and the reduced pressure in the system means less bounce back and less user fatigue.


Dulux Colour Awards 2018

Auckland based architecture and design studio OPL has won the International category at the 2018 Dulux Colour Awards with its work on Crimsons Education’s office in Parnell Auckland.

Other notable Kiwi projects that did well were all in or from Christchurch.

The BNZ Centre by Sheppard & Rout was a Finalist in the Commercial Exterior category, while “Family Bach” by Cymon Allfrey Architects received a Commendation in International category.


U Can’t Touch This

Rustoleum’s latest is the Painter’s Touch Gloss spray range. This premium multi-purpose spray paint features an “any-angle” spray with comfort spray tip and produces a smooth durable finish. The range features a very DIY-friendly branding and a range of classic and trendy colours perfect for the type of refurbishment projects seen all over Instagram and Pinterest.


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