By NZHJ July 10, 2017 Trade Focus

But the industry still needs 65,000 more workers over the next five years to cope with growth, says BCITO.

A record number of Kiwis are looking to the trades to build a career - indeed 11,000 apprentices are actively working towards a qualification - but this is still not enough to meet industry demand, says the BCITO.

“This is a fantastic milestone but we still need thousands more apprentices in training each year to meet demand”, says BCITO Chief Executive Warwick Quinn.

“New Zealand is in the midst of a skills shortage,” says Quinn, adding that as many as 65,000 new people will be needed over the next five years to meet new growth and replace people who leave.

The 11,000th apprentice, by the way, is Auckland father of three Daniel Poe, whose father was a builder.

Daniel is employed by FreeStyla Constructors in Auckland which employs about 100 people.

His employer Michael Patton says “The current environment is hectic and is only going to become more so.

"There is a definite shortage of skilled workers in New Zealand so the more people we encourage to join the trades the better.”

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