By NZHJ June 19, 2017 Trade Focus

"Hanging out with owner-operators is obviously contagious," says the soon to be GJ Gardner franchisee.

ITM CEO Scott Duncan will be leaving ITM on 15 August 2017.

He says in a letter dated last week to Key Account holders:

"It is and continues to be a huge honour and privilege to lead the ITM business.

"Being surrounded by ITM's passionate owner operators for a number of years now is contagious and when the opportunity came up to take on the challenge of business ownership ourselves, we took it."

By which Scott Duncan means that he has acquired the GJ Gardner West Auckland business from Tony Houston and Robyn Neil.

In this respect he follows in the footsteps of fellow merchants Stu Munro and Paul Bull, both of whom moved from Carters into group home building.

Confirming that it's "business as usual for the next couple of months", Scott Duncan says it's hoped that the incoming CEO will be present at this year's conference in San Francisco in August.

Scott Duncan, armed with GM roles at PlaceMakers and Fletcher Building, took over from Gordon Buswell in October 2015 (see our interview here).

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