By NZHJ December 05, 2017 Work Safety

New regulations for working with hazardous substances came into force on 1 December.

While many of the existing rules will transfer across to the new regulations, there are key changes that people need to be aware of.

The regulations apply to all workplaces that use, manufacture, handle and store hazardous substances, or roughly one-third of New Zealand businesses.

WorkSafe notes that many of the existing requirements continue under the new Regulations (see the New Zealand Legislation website), so if a business is already compliant, there may not be much more to do.

However, there are key changes that will help ensure the individual in charge is doing their duty to protect people from harm.

The WorkSafe website has guidance and information to help you understand these obligations and, for practical help, see also the Hazardous Substances Toolbox website which includes a Hazardous Substances Calculator to help compile an inventory of hazardous substances.

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