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By NZHJ August 10, 2015 New Products

Energizer’s new and improved premium Vision headlight range delivers on performance, mobility and vision. These powerful compact headlights feature LED lights up to 4 times brighter than ordinary technology providing stellar beam clarity for work or leisure activities.

The unique optic design provides exceptional direct and area vision to illuminate the terrain ahead and to be seen by others. The new headlights allow you to focus on the task in hand while providing a source of constant bright light which can be easily controlled and adjusted.

Durable and impact-resistant with a shatterproof lens and a water-resistant design, new features such as dimmable beam, digital focus, memory recall and quick turn-off give the user complete control of their light.

Backed by a lifetime guarantee, the Energizer Vision range comprises 4 models offering brightness from 80-250 lumens, 30-80m beam distance and as much as a 50-hour runtime on low mode and from 5-8 hours in high mode.


Energizer NZ,, 0800 803 837



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