Yates makes gardening quicker and easier

By NZHJ February 10, 2015 New Products

Yates’ new Zero Rapid Gel kills weeds accurately, easily and fast. Being applied directly on to just the weeds that have been targeted, it starts working immediately and shows visible results within just one hour. The ergonomically designed bottle is easily squeezed to deliver the dose where you want it. Zero Rapid Gel is rain-fast in just 30 minutes so it’s ideal for patchy weather conditions. Plus, because it is not active in soil, you can re-plant immediately. 

From weed control to nurturing. New Yates Thrive Easy Pods are pre-measured doses of Yates Thrive all-purpose soluble fertiliser, securely enclosed in see-through, dissolvable film pods. You simply pop the pod into a standard watering can and fill with water. The pod dissolves by the time it’s full and you’re ready to start fertilising. No measuring, no mess. Each Thrive Easy Pod contains a unique combination of fast acting soluble fertiliser for strong, healthy plant growth plus trace elements that is ideal for feeding a wide range of plants, including leafy vegetables, flowers, fruit, shrubs and lawns.

Yates, www.yates.co.nz, 0800 693 297

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