Get it done – quik!

By NZHJ June 10, 2015 New Products

QUIK is a new branded range of home and industrial chemical products from AHM. Designed and developed from the ground up with a simple and impactful design to be highly effective when blocked on-shelf and make it easy and straightforward for consumers to select the correct product. Priced competitively the QUIK brand is positioned as a “better” offer with  healthy store margins at the same time as competitive, consumer friendly on-shelf pricing. Full merchandising & POS support is available. The range comes in a variety of bottle sizes and comprises: Drain Cleaner; Drain Unblocker; Rust Converter and Primer; Rust Remover and metal conditioner; Kero (Kerosene); Meths; Stove Fuel; Turps; Concrete Cleaner; and Heavy Duty Paint Stripper.

AHM,, 09 251 1310


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