Get the jump on unwelcome visitors

By NZHJ March 10, 2015 New Products

It’s around this time that caterpillars and other insects start looking to make a meal out of your customers’ fruit and vegetable gardens.

Yates Success Ultra Insect Control combats a wide range of unwanted garden visitors including notoriously difficult pests such as tomato and potato psyllid (see photo – a significant pest in many countries), thrips and codling moth as well as the everyday enemies, white butterfly caterpillars and diamond back moth larvae, leaf rollers and loopers.

The new generation formula is derived from a beneficial soil bacteria providing a nature based solution to pest problems. Success Ultra moves into the leaf at the time of spraying and once it has dried it won’t wash off, even if it rains.

Yates Success Ultra 200ml comes with a handy, clip-on measure and makes up to 40 litres of spray. As with all plant protection products do not spray flowering plants while bees are foraging.

Yates,, 0800 693 297


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