By NZHJ November 20, 2015 Building Materials

Products from Sekisui Foam Australia, the leading Australian developer and manufacturer of cross-linked polyolefin foam, will now be available through New Zealand sales agency VRM.

Sekisui Foam Australia, a subsidiary of Japan’s Sekisui Chemical, has been in operation since the late 1970s and creates products for Softlon, Thermobreak, Lightlon and Easy-form, that are used in the building & construction, insulation, automotive, leisure and industrial markets in Australasia, Asia Pacific, Middle East and India.

Sekisui’s Building & Construction Market Manager Paul Cox walked us through the company’s latest initiative that started with a journey across the Tasman in November 2014 to explore opportunities.

“I came over, met with different people in the market, looked at the opportunities then came back and put a report together saying there is an opportunity in New Zealand.

“There are some foam products already here and some duplication of products that we are bringing in, but the deciding factor is that we have the total story in terms of product range and no one is as comprehensive as we are,” he says.

Key products for Sekisui include the Easy-Form Expansion Joint Filler, a low-cost, inert, paperless, lightweight foam material made from closed cell physically cross-linked polyolefin foam that is used in a wide range of construction projects including footpaths, roadways, bridges and buildings. This zipped self-wound adhesive is supplied in a full range of widths, in standard and handy roll lengths and offers outstanding durability, green credentials and ease of use.

Another winner is the Easy-form Closed Cell Backing Rod (Lightlon), a compressible, closed cell polyolefin foam tube with an outer skin used as a backing for cold applied sealants in expansion/construction joints and building seal applications that features a closed cell structure and excellent dimensional stability and is resistance to most chemicals, non-toxic, odourless and rot proof with excellent aging characteristics.

Other products include pipe lagging sleeves, floor protection sheets, knee boards and void fillers among many others.

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