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By NZHJ October 12, 2015 Lawn & Garden

With GARDENA’s Classic Spray Lance, the garden can be gently and precisely watered. The flow rate can be infinitely adjusted or completely switched off so you can easily adjust the flow rate to the requirements of the plants. Watering can be done by manually pressing the handle or by locking. This renders spraying tire-free, while integrated technology ensures frost-free protection and the soft plastic ring on the head protects from damage. The Classic Spray Lance is 75 cm long and particularly practical for larger areas.

Also new, GARDENA’s Classic Multi Sprayer is equipped with three different water spray patterns: for watering of individual areas (soft spray), potted plants (bubble jet) and effective cleaning (9 point hard jet). With integrated technology to protect against frost, easy-clean soft nozzles and infinitely adjustable flow regulation you can decide which water flow rate is ideal for your current purpose. User-friendly features include a pulse trigger lock for continuous water flow, a soft plastic ring on the head to protect from damage and an integrated filter that can be easily removed and cleaned.


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