No dust, no waste – spread the word

By NZHJ October 12, 2015 Lawn & Garden

Just in time for spring growth is Burnet’s EzySpread Granulated Gypsum. For generations savvy gardeners have been using gypsum to break up and condition their soil, especially where the soil is hard or clay-based. But anyone who has tried to spread gypsum will tell you the dust can be problematic and messy, especially in windy conditions. The clever folk at Burnets have come up with a new solution – water dispersible granules that can be spread easily and precisely without the usual waste or powder drift. Its neutral pH won’t change the acidity of your soil and its packed with calcium and sulphur too. What’s more, this garden- and gardener-friendly product will not only condition your lawn but can also be used on your flower or vege gardens and even in pots.

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