By NZHJ July 11, 2016 Retailing News
(Chart: SAP NZ Digital Experience Report.)

(Chart: SAP NZ Digital Experience Report.)

SAP's new research into the digital experiences of Kiwi consumers show a yawning chasm between brands that are doing well digitally and those which aren't.

SAP's inaugural NZ Digital Experience Report has charted the 6,500+ digital interactions of 2,500 Kiwis to create an index of 38 of the country’s largest and best-known brands.

Without beating around the bush, few brands, let alone industry sectors fare very well.

Indeed, the report comes straight out with: "The findings are sobering: There is a significant difference between the digital experiences that delight consumers and the digital experiences that New Zealand brands are delivering."

Indeed, across the entire index, says SAP, just 31% of Kiwi consumers were delighted by their digital experiences and just 13 brands managed a positive digital experience score. See the chart above to find out which industries these brands are working in.

Of those industries which our readers will be most closely interested in, Consumer Retail fares among the worst.

Specifically, says SAP, consumer retail posted "some of the lowest scores in attributes linked to understanding customers as individuals, making them feel important and delivering experiences that are unique."

With the threat of online and overseas retailers, the sector "must take action", says SAP, particularly with respect to being more responsive and interactive, predicting the consumer's preferences and tailoring the digital experience to those preferences.

The full report can be downloaded here:

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