By NZHJ June 10, 2016 Industry News

Not only is there a dedicated visualisation app coming, but Lowe's will also sell AR-enabled Lenovo "phablets" to boot!

This week Lenovo revealed the first consumer smartphone powered by Google's Tango - a technology that they would both like to become as prevalent as GPS.

In a nutshell, Tango is sensors and software that sense and map surroundings to enable Augmented Reality (AR) experiences on your smartphone.

AR, as opposed to Virtual Reality (VR) which creates its own virtual worlds, is about superimposing things on top of the real environment that's in front of you.

Lenovo's big new Lenovo PHAB2 Pro smartphone is the first Tango-enabled device and can detect its position relative to the world around it, using motion tracking, depth perception and area learning to sense its surroundings.

This means, among many, many other possibilities, that homeowners can also now use their PHAB2 Pro to remodel their homes by visualising real home furnishings in their living rooms and kitchens.

In this respect, Lowe’s will soon be first off the mark with a Tango-enabled application called Lowe’s Vision.

The app leverages  Google's Tango technology to measure spaces and visualise how products like appliances and décor, or materials like benchtops or backsplashes will all look and fit together in a room.

Along with the app, Lowe’s will also be selling Lenovo's premium (US$500!) PHAB2 Pro smartphone at selected stores and online by the end of the year.

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