A dustless sanding solution for pros

By NZHJ March 11, 2016 New Products

The Intex Giraffe Dustless Sander, teamed with the Intex Starmix Dust Extractor and Intex Useit Super Pads, becomes a highly reliable and trustworthy sanding solution. Using the Giraffe Dustless Sander, users can complete the sanding process 75-80% faster than traditional hand sanding methods. And, with the Starmix Dust Extractor to remove the dust as soon as it’s created, any health risk from inhaling harmful particles is reduced and clean-up time is minimal. With efficient after sales support and back-up, Intex dustless sanding solutions will perform for years – protecting both your customers’ health and their professional reputation.

Intex Group NZ, www.intex.co.nz, 0800 278 276

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