By NZHJ March 15, 2016 Industry News

MBIE: We need evidence of shonky plumbing products!

In respect of the issues about shonky plumbing products we asked what MBIE was doing about it all.

John Gardiner, MBIE's Manager Determinations & Assurance, offered the following statement:

“What MBIE has said to the media is that we’re looking into this matter further – not that we’re conducting a formal inquiry.

"Over the next few weeks we will continue to meet with various industry representatives to ascertain to what extent there is a problem.

"Over the past year we've only received one complaint about a specific plumbing  product and it wasn't upheld.

"In order to get to the bottom of the alleged issues with poor quality products, we need specific examples. 

"We reiterate our call for people with concerns to contact the Ministry with complaints about specific products, rather than anecdotes.

"It is important to remember that this is a competitive industry and some companies have a vested interest in questioning the quality of new products in the markets, which we also need to take into consideration.

"It’s also worth reiterating that only licensed plumbers can install plumbing products and the onus is on them to ensure they do their homework and are using products that comply with the Building Code."

In which respect see the Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board's website with its list of licensed plumbers for more on this.

The Board’s Chief Executive, Martin Sawyers, says the licensed plumbers' training "ensures that they are able to identify what products meet that standard, and they know that if they install products that don’t meet that standard then they are legally liable and may also face disciplinary action from the Board.”


The MBIE email for people to make contact about any product issues/complaints is

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