By NZHJ November 03, 2016 Industry News

More options coming soon from Site Safe to ensure site safety.

Site Safe is launching a suite of additional courses this December which are tailored to specific health and safety topics, so trainees have more options when renewing their Site Safety Card or Passport.

The three new passport renewal courses are each four hours long and cover tools, plant and equipment, height basics, and worker health.

Site Safe has also developed a new Foundation Passport for workers who are new to the industry, which will be available in two options: building/construction and civil.

The Foundation Passport introduces key topics such as behavioural safety, risk assessment and legal requirements, as well as important technical risks and hazards.

Successful completion of either a Foundation Passport course, a renewal passport course or an existing one or two day course will renew Site Safety Cards/Passports.

These developments will be followed by the launch of online renewal modules in 2017.

Check out all the new Site Safe options here.

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