New colour for a consolidating category?

By NZHJ September 23, 2016 Painting & Decorating

We have scoured the painting & decorating world for news and new products and start things off with a very interesting new development that could have major implications for the category’s future.

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Probably the biggest news around painting & decorating at the moment is the recent purchase of Colourplus by the owners of Guthrie Bowron.

As well as a lot of talk about the implications this has for the retail aspect of the category, we have been hearing that this surprise move not only reflects the changing landscape of home improvement retailing but also that of the suppliers to that sector.

In last year’s category round-up, “Battle of the Brands”, we covered the departure of Dulux paints from all Mitre 10 stores and Mitre 10’s coinciding exclusive launch of the American owned Valspar brand. We pondered what Dulux would do to regain market share.

Tactically, since then, Dulux has been staging a series of “price off promotions” forcing some of its big brand competitors to play catch up.

Making pricing even sharper has certainly been good for the painting trade, but our sources are telling us that it’s the smaller, locally manufactured paint brands that are losing market share.

Taking a “slow and steady wins the race” approach, Dulux has also been playing the long game.

In which respect we understand that Dulux played a role in this latest retail takeover – of which more below.

Members of both the Guthrie Bowron and Colourplus franchise groups were only recently informed at their respective annual conferences of the buyout.

With Guthrie Bowron branded stores across the country totalling 42, the purchase of the Colourplus master franchise founded in 1999 by David Ryan will add a further 28 stores, making a total of 70.

As to Dulux’s involvement, David Ryan tells us: “As part of their existing (Guthrie Bowron) partnership, Dulux have acquired the rights to manufacture Colourplus paints (made on-site by Decora Group). This also gives Dulux access to the Colourplus stores.”

This will give Dulux greater dominance in the fiercely competitive paint category, especially in regional and rural areas where the Guthrie Bowron and Colourplus franchises have well-established strongholds in smaller towns.

In terms of the future shape, colour and smell of the Guthrie Bowron and Colourplus networks going forward, it’s too early to surmise what may or may not happen, especially in cases of overlapping territories.

David Ryan: “There are benefits across both groups with greater buying power and cohesive marketing. We’re not going to market on top of each other like coming out with a wallpaper sale on the same day.”

Still, he adds: “Over the long term in some of those small towns there may be some consolidation opportunities for either the Guthries or the Colourpluses.”

We will find out more in the coming weeks.


Resene’s new colours are coming

Resene’s Karen Warman was kind enough to give us a teaser of what to expect from this season’s upcoming colour trends.

“Nature has always had a strong influence on choices, and never more so than now. With many addicted to technology and more time spent indoors, the great outdoors is coming in. Clear finishes and natural wood stains protect against modern life and allow the natural beauty to be seen. Teamed with greens, blues and pops of colour that would be at home in a flower garden, nature provides a beautiful palette to choose from.

Neutrals are dusky and earthy too, with grey and beige co-mingling and blackened white popular as a backdrop. If you love the feel of grey but need a touch more colour, look to the dusted tones of grey blended with blue for a timeless look that can be easily accessorised to suit each season.

Want more intensity? Pops of colour remain strong – boldly coloured front doors, blocks of colour co-ordinated into a single wall or random blocks arranged as accents. Art meets design, and both meet colour. Colour is becoming the artwork, taking centre stage on walls, floors, ceilings and furniture.”

These new colour trends are showcased in The Range Fashion Colours 18, out in spring 2016, available from Resene ColorShops.  

Pro Roller Bucket gets even bigger

Miles Nelson is set to release a larger 360mm version of the very popular Pro Roller Bucket from Rokset this spring. The existing 4 litre model (above) is 270 mm wide and is a heavy duty roller bucket that holds 4 litres or more, far greater than traditional rollers. The bucket is made from chemical resistant polypropylene making it durable and easy to clean. There are two easy pour spouts for easy removal of unused paint and the handle has a locking mechanism that stabilises the bucket and makes it easy to move around without spillage.

A Pro Roller Bucket Lid is available separately and can be used to cover the bucket whilst accommodating a roller cover and frame. There is a hole in the lid to accommodate a roller handle. The lid can also be used to create a hooded tray by sliding it forward and locking it into position. Designed and made in Australia, the Pro Roller Bucket won a silver award from the Design Awards, South Australia.


Man Ovaboard!

Temporary flooring overlay solution provider Ovaboard is now under new ownership with Neil Harray having taken over from GDP Flooring Solutions. Harray reports strong sales of Ovaboard over the last few months with the product making strong moves into major retailers and continuing to get positive feedback from end users.

“Once people use Ovaboard they can see the benefits straight away. We are getting a lot of repeat business so that is telling us that Ovaboard is doing what it is intended to do. I think it’s a great product that really helps the whole building sector in a number of ways.”

Ovaboard is a temporary flooring solution that provides a heavy duty protective layer for benchtops, floors or stairs whether they are wood, tile, concrete, stone, vinyl or epoxy and comes with excellent eco-credentials being both fully recyclable and made from recycled materials.

Ovaboard comes in convenient widths for tradespeople, has a 60-hour spill guard that repels water, paint, dirt and more and is non-slip to eliminate tripping hazards in line with changes to the revised Health & Safety at Work Act. This user-friendly product is also tough enough to be driven on while maintaining vapour permeability so floors don’t sweat.

A medium duty version, Ovaboard Reinforced Kraft is also available and is ideal protection when painting, plastering or avoiding mud and dirt from being walked on to floors. Ovaboard Reinforced Kraft is lighter and even easier to use than the heavy duty model making it perfect for the DIY market while maintaining a high level of safety and efficiency that should make drop cloths a thing of the past. Ovaboard’s own PVC tape, Ovatape is also available and is the perfect accompaniment to its range of products.


Sure as Surtech

Now available here, Surtech is a German manufacturer of a self-adhesive Glass Fabric Wall system. Surtech offers impact resistance, surface reinforcement and an attractive, high-quality appearance and is one of the hardest wearing wall coverings on the market. As Surtech can be scrubbed and decontaminated, it is ideal for areas where hygiene is a concern or in high moisture areas. Surtech is also ideal for high traffic areas where wear and tear is an issue, is easy to install and very economical to boot. Contact New Zealand supplier H-R Sole Agency & Services using the following email address:


Bostik KwikPaint
Glazing Putty

A strong performer for Bostik in recent months has been its KwikPaint Glazing Putty, an exterior grade, fast drying, self-priming, wrinkle resistant glazing putty for use in timber and painted steel frames with all glass types. Made from an acrylic rather than linseed base, this putty forms a dependable airtight seal that resists sagging, shrinking and cracking and can be painted within 24 hours maximum or as soon as two hours depending on temperature and humidity.

From garage to showroom

Transform your concrete floor with RockSolid floor coatings from Haydn Brush. From lustrous metallic to showroom classic, RockSolid has a wide range of floor coatings for your garage and beyond and they are guaranteed to be as tough as they are gorgeous. The metallic coating contains pearlescent and iridescent accents that produce marbleised gleaming finishes, ideal for commercial applications, retail or residential customers wanting to stand out.

RockSolid Polycuramine coatings also offer unsurpassed durability, are easy to maintain and will last a lifetime while still looking fantastic. RockSolid’s clear, high gloss protective coating is 20 times more durable than epoxy, ensuring that it won’t crack or peel and provides resistance to salt, oil, gas and other harsh chemicals. Restore concrete and get it back to looking brand new with RockSolid - the toughest showroom-quality floors available.


Aervoe can coat it or remove it

New from Aervoe is Waterworks Coatings Remover which can remove paint from multiple surfaces without toxic chlorinated solvents and removes oil-based paints, lacquers, gaskets and carbon with a water-soluble formula that is easy to use and does not damage the substrate. This product is low-odour, non-carcinogenic, fully biodegradable and can remove oil-based paint on steel within 20 minutes with good lifting and easy clean-up. Suitable for many substrates, it is effective on polyurethane, urethane, epoxy, lacquer, varnish, alkyds and latex paints.

Formulated with 100% 316L stainless steel pigment, Aervoe Steel Renew is a modified urethane coating that provides optimum resistance to weather, abrasion, and corrosion in general maintenance applications. Drying quickly to a satin finish, Aervoe Steel Renew provides long lasting rust protection with a hard, non-toxic, metallic finish that protects a variety of surfaces from ultraviolet rays, chemicals, oils, alkalis, food acids, water immersion, abrasion, and withstands high-pressure wash-downs.

Being lead-free, this product can be applied to surfaces where there is a possibility of incidental food contact. For use on structural steel, food processing and packaging equipment, metal parts, industrial equipment, tools, trailers, tanks, towers, truck maintenance, auto parts, refrigeration equipment, and general plant machinery. Also safe for use on wood, brick, plaster, tile, glass, masonry, porcelain, fibreglass, and masonite when a stainless steel finish is desired.

EasyReach makes it quick & easy

From Easy Access, EasyReach is the perfect scaffold system for anyone who needs to be safe while working on a platform 1-4 metres off the ground. With a 650mm wide platform and handrail incorporated, it allows the user safe and easy access that can wrap right around a house.

EasyReach’s simple design and minimal components make it the quickest and easiest system of this type to install. Its ability to integrate with all standard Easy Access components means it can be added to almost indefinitely, making it an extremely flexible system. Incorporating simple and minimal components makes this system very affordable and virtually maintenance-free.

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